Market Tactics for Professional Investors

Vectisma Ltd. provides a subscription based market analysis service for professional investors. The core offering at present is large cap Japanese equities with a global macro overlay.

Methodology Objective Service

Our approach is purely technical with an emphasis on cycles analysis. We believe that this is the most effective available method for forecasting price action. A wide range of supporting indicators, systems and studies have also been developed in house.


The purpose of the service is to identify low risk, meaningful trading opportunities in a timely manner. The preferred time frame is measured in weeks and months rather than days or years. Calls are generally put into their longer term context first. Short term time frames are then used to fine tune entries and exits.


A new note will be published on average four days a week. There will also be a weekly roundup and a comprehensive overview. Additionally, a watch list and model portfolio based on actual forecasts will be maintained.

Detailed market studies are continually being developed and these, together with a variety of learning tools, can be found in the Resources section of the site. Custom products as well as specific trading systems and studies can be commissioned by clients on request.

Latest Notes

Pacific Metals (5541 JP Equity) 25 Jun 2012

Mitsui O.S.K Lines (9104 JP Equity) 25 Jun 2012

Japanese Automakers (TPTRAN Index) 25 Jun 2012

Model Portfolio

The model portfolio lists Open and Closed calls. Calls highlighted in the daily reports are placed in their longer term absolute and relative context. They are also entered into the model either at the next session's open or at a predetermined trigger level. Read More

About Us

The firm was established in 2011 by Christopher Grafton. Chris holds the Market Technician's Association (MTA) Chartered Market Technician (CMT) designation and is currently preparing for the Master of Financial Technical Analysis (MFTA) paper. He gained his market experience on the sell side broking Japanese equities in London and Tokyo. He also worked on the buy side as an analyst and having spent over twelve years working in Tokyo is fluent in Japanese.

Chris is the author of "Mastering Hurst Cycle Analysis" (Harriman House, 2011).